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Doing so could leave space for all those ideas and opportunities that are ready to come your way. You may be eager to go on exciting adventures and yet feel an equally strong desire to stick strictly within your comfort zone.

The coming week could bring this matter to a head. Regarding a key goal, diplomacy might ease progress. Travel and new opportunities are on the cards, so if you feel like expanding your options this is the time to do so. Have goals and ambitions?

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

You can go far by connecting with those who share your passions, and this can be a winning formula. The week four New Moon is perfect for making a start on bold plans, and someone may show up who is ready to assist you. There's been such a massive emphasis on the 12th Solar House of your situation, that over the last year you may have found yourself going through a crash course in terms of understanding who you could really trust and rely upon.

But also given you are the zodiac's armchair psychologist, discovering a fantastical amount more about what makes you tick, but the motivations of others too.

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The emotional Moon moves into sensitive Pisces on Wednesday, which may make us feel more emotional, imaginative, and compassionate. The Moon is void of course on Friday, bringing a flat energy — stay the course during this time, and continue with your routine as usual. This Saturday, social Venus is in opposition to spontaneous Uranus, making this a great night for socializing and surprise encounters with loved ones.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 2nd September 2019 - listen to your hunches in business situations...

This may a day of optimism or realizations that require transformation of some kind. Main Event: Communicative Mercury in opposition to Uranus, Sun in a stressful angle to Saturn What to Expect: You may receive surprising news, experience unique insights, or feel forced to make sudden decisions. Prepare for anxious feelings and unexpected events What to Do: Breathe through the feelings of stress and anxiety that may arise today What Not to Do: This is not a good day to make any major decisions.

Main Event: Fluid Moon in sensitive Pisces What to Expect: Emotions may be heightened, along with feelings of sensitivity and compassion. Imagination is increased today, but emotion is more prominent than reason What to Do: This is a great day for creative endeavors or volunteering your time What Not to Do: Try not to let your emotions control the events or outcome of your day.

Aquarius monthly horoscope - October 12222

Now is the time to redeem your efforts and carve a new path yourself.. Read more. Cancer: Overcome all your potential hurdles this week and walk through a successful professional life this week to achieve your desirable outcomes.. Leo: This week has a lot in store for you.

The Week Ahead for Aquarius

Read our career weekly horoscope in detail to know more about your career path.. As the Sun returns to your work house..

Libra: The last week was full of challenges for you. Trust your career instincts to stay up to the speed this week..

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As the Mercury is favorably moving towards the Neptune and Mars in the home zone, expect.. Aquarius: You need to act prudently in your private matters and business issues to stay on the safer side this week..

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Pisces: Good news for people with Pisces as their zodiac signs as their diligent hard work and efforts will be valued by their bosses or business partners.. Plan your everyday and weekly tasks in accordance with our precise astrological updates from the well-known astrologer, Jaya Shree.